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About Our Services

We create our services in the following areas with full dedication, sincerity and honesty. You are focused on sales, not technology. We are focused on providing the technology that makes sales.

Web Designing

We develop high-end web designing through latest technologies and innovations. Our experience and expertise in developing web designing for different verticals keeps us ahead from the other. We provide value-added web application development solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Software Development

Sadhrasya SoftTech utilizes a vast array of development tools to design customized software applications exclusively to suit the needs of each client.In addition, to ensure product quality, we follow a structured software development process.

Content Management System

Providing current and well organized information on your web site is critical in appeasing or educating your potential and existing customers. Not only has Sadhrasya SoftTech mastered the skills in web and database design, but we can help your organization with creating the necessary web site information.


At Sadhrasya SoftTech, we have several of the most well-known experts in the software industry today. These internationally acclaimed individuals are able to provide you with world-class knowledge and experience in a variety of software practices and specialized software like ERP.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, small or medium business, or a large enterprise with hundreds of employees and thousands of customers, Sadhrasya SoftTech CRM Software has the right solution for you - Cloud CRM, On-Premise CRM software and Mobile CRM.

Web Hosting

We can host your website and even register a domain on your behalf. This facility can give a company image on a par with much larger organisations at a fraction of the cost. Our server providers have multiple connections to the Internet from high quality backbone providers

Mobile Application

Keeping pace with the progress, Sadhrasya SoftTech provides services of mobile application development. Our mobile developers use state-of-the-art technologies for the most popular platforms - iPhone, Android, windows and BlackBerry.

System Architecture

Sadhrasya SoftTech will give feasible architectures that would then guide you to the more detailed design of the system.

Database Management

Sadhrasya SoftTech offers a comprehensive set of database management software technologies that provide the crucial foundation for the Unwired Enterprise and enable you to manage and mobilize information from data centers to the point of action.


E-commerce is quick, easy and is here to stay! From this day forward e-commerce will continue to take business away from the traditional export business. Whether you would like to sell a couple of products or services on your website or if you need inventory levels, controlled breakpoint pricing and more, Sadhrasya SoftTech Solution is your best answer. We will design a custom e-commerce solution that will meet your needs today and in years to come.

Server Setup/Configuration

To achieive high performance for your application we provide Server setup and Maintanance service. Which include Cloud server configuration over Apache or Nginx or any Custom need. We provide full server setup including 24 X 7 Maintanace.Currently we are working with Rackspace, Godaddy and Amazon Cloud Service.


In order to increase the number of audience plus higher your return on investment (ROI), we update our website with useful search engines. Continuous drilling on improving the search techniques boosts the status of our web-site.Our ultimate goal is to amplify the conversion speed and turn potential clients into final consumer. We belief that our Internet Marketing is a possible gateway to make your Brand Name a Success! Sadhrasya SoftTech's SEO services are with proven record!